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Staff meeting.
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Permanent Staffing

Imperium provide a full-service, detailed strategy to assist with your healthcare facility reach its recruiting and staffing goals. Our medical team are positioned to help you achieve today’s competitive needs and empower your organization’s long-term purpose.
Hiring a full-time employee is a big decision for both the employer and applicant, and that’s why our team does its due diligence to understand the client’s objectives and business goals and create a staffing business plan to find the most suitable match. Finding the right candidate is complex, its more than a resume and interview. We at imperium are comprehensive and detailed on our approach recruiting. We seek to know more than a resume and skills we aim to know them, their expertise, and their professional purpose.

Temporary to perm and Contract Staffing

Imperium has over 50 years of Staff experience Imperium is here to mitigate the needs of our clients for the short term. As we know the Travel contract industry has become the highest form of employment in the healthcare industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic of recent years. We understand as facilities gradually scale back from the use of contract workers, we still believe there is a market in this health industry. We offer a temp to perm solutions. We will work with our client to create a steady decline bringing in temp workers interested in transitioning to a full-time staff role.
Staff meeting.


Where there is no vision, the people perish” Imperium Search Partners understand the importance of the right leadership. we are here to help find the best fit for your Vision.
Healthcare worker or caregiver visiting senior woman indoors at home, helping her to walk.


Imperium Search Partners values the well being of all patients. We have established a strong network of health professionals, willing and able to meet any clients need.